What is Cryptorabic?

Cryptorabic is a powerful crypto community founded in the Middle East and in Lebanon by entrepreneur Mike Majdalani to answer all your crypto-related questions, help you get started with your crypto journey, and even walk you through the steps of making money in Lebanon no matter how much time this journey takes.

The Academy

The purpose of our academy is to help you learn and explore all the needed information, tools, and expertise to take a step further diving into the crypto world, and start making money in Lebanon.

How are we going to help you with this? We will walk with you step by step, starting from the very basics of cryptocurrency and then moving to professional trading and technical studies. You will also get the chance to discover top courses founded and delivered by our experts.

The courses that we offer comprise the following:

• Crypto Basics

• Trading and Analysis

• Metaverse and NFTs

• Decentralized Finance

• Blockchain Development

• Mining

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Our Crypto Community

Put in simple terms, crypto signals are a collection of trading directions that tell you when is the best time to buy and sell a cryptocurrency, Cryptorabic community group is one of the best signal and educational group in the MENA region, especially in Lebanon.

In our community, Cryptorabic experts and our strong Community are always available to help you and guide you with your trades. So, if you happen to have any concerns,whatever they are, all you have to do is join our telegram today, composed of people from around the MENA region. Thus, you can benefit from contests and giveaways, daily discussions about crypto, and know the latest and most recent news about NFTs in Lebanon. All of that for free!

Overseen by the most experienced crypto specialists, Cryptorabic’s Community doesn’t only give signals. Indeed, it also provides coins that are most likely going to emerge shortly and you will be given the most recent news inside and outside the business sectors. Moreover, in this community, we talk about everything related to crypto, trading, DeFi, NFTs, etc…

Furthermore, our signals– which comprise FUTURES and SPOTS – are well pondered to ensure the provision of the best crypto trading experience for all Lebanese people in and outside Beirut and its suburbs, and even in the MENA region. We will always keep up with our hard work to provide you with the best crypto services. And this is why each signal we give you is trailed by an expert analyst in addition to diagram and market investigations.

One way you can benefit the most from our professional services is by joining our premium channel for an affordable price per month.

We aim to safeguard a decent acknowledgment of cryptocurrencies with a very high success rate in Lebanon, and all over the world.

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Mining is a procedure in which systems of specific computers create and release new Bitcoin and validate new transactions. In return, computers are rewarded with new coins. It’s an upright cycle: the miners preserve and protect the blockchain, the blockchain awards the coins, then, the coins offer an inducement for the miners to sustain the blockchain.

If you want to become a good – and even an expert – crypto miner, you need to be curious and have a strong determination and motivation to learn and acquire knowledge. The crypto mining setting is starting to develop more than ever because new technologies are arising day after day worldwide, including mining in Lebanon.

A myriad of researches has shown that Bitcoin miners have made a huge aggregate, estimated to be around $15.3 billion this year, and this is what made 2021 a fruitful year for Bitcoin miners. For Ethereum miners, the circumstance was also the same.

You can secure an automated revenue by just mining digital money as it is an extraordinary method for amassing abundance during these hard economic and financial times in Lebanon. However, you should make sure that you preserve it very well. You can do that by booking a session with our experts in order to have all your questions answered.

To make mining more sustainable and eco-friendly, we got you covered with the latest miners to start your mining journey, which are mainly PoW, PoC, and PoA. We also program and install the following products:







Our mining service is still under construction and we will update you once the service is available.

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