How do you purchase a course?

You can purchase an item by connecting your wallet to our website, choose the Ploygon network and proceed with the item you would like to get. You will then be prompted to accept a transaction in your metmask wallet to purchase the course. You will need Matic to cover up the cost of each item.

After the transaction has gone throught, if you purchased a course, the video modules will unlock and you will be able to watch all the videos of that course here. If you got an ebook, you will be able to directly read it too. You can go to the "owned" section of this page to check the items you purchased.

MATIC = $10

What you will learn:

What is Technical Analysis?

What are the most famous Chart Patterns?

How to predict chart movements?



Famous Chart Patterns


Broadening Formations




Cup with Handle


Head-and-shoulders Patterns


Rectangle, Triangles, Wedges Patterns


All other Patterns




My transaction failed, what to do?

If your transaction has failed, it is most likely cause of the Gas. To solve this problem, before confirming the transaction, adjust the gas fees in the metamask prompt and choose hight gas fees and confirm the transaction. Do not worry, high gas fees is still cheap.

How long until my transcation go through?

Your transaction should not take long, around 60 seconds to get confirmed if everything goes well.

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