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CRYPTO BASICS: You have to learn the basics of crypto: its history, the blockchain technology, what is cryptocurrencies, and everything else

TRADING AND ANALYSIS: Ever wanted to read charts? Here you will learn how to trade like a professional, from futures to margin, you will become a pro.

METAVERSE AND NFTS: You’ve probably heard of NFTs. Here you will learn what are non fungible tokens , what is the metaverse and much more.

DECENTRALIZED FINANCE: DeFi is the future. Here you will get introduced to this new world and you will learn untold information.

BLOCKHAIN DEVELOPMENT: You like to code or enjoy tech? here you can get started in blockchain development and smart contracts.

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What do i need to use the academy?

You will need to install Metamask to use the Academy. Our ecosystem is operating under the Polygon chain so you will need to connect to that network before using any Web3 feature in our website. Make sure you fund your metamask wallet with Matic to cover up the purchase price of any item.

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You can purchase an item by connecting your wallet to our website, choose the Ploygon network and proceed with the item you would like to get. You will then be prompted to accept a transaction in your metmask wallet to purchase the course. You will need Matic to cover up the cost of each item.

What happens after i purchase an item?

After the transaction has gone throught, if you purchased a course, the video modules will unlock and you will be able to watch all the videos of that course on our website. If you got an ebook, you will be able to read it too on our website. You can go to the "owned" section of this page to check the items you purchased.

Why the ploygon chain?

We are operating on the Polygon chain on purpose to reduce the cost of any purchase or mint and to maintain a gasless experience throughout our website.


We advise you get tutored if you are brand new to the crypto world and you think you would need extra help to understand it. Our tutoring starts at $20 per hour and is usually done via Zoom calls. We do offer live tutoring too, contact us for more info.


The Academy is here to provide you with every information you need to get started. We gathered the top courses and our tutors are the best in Lebanon and beyond. If you think you’re lost and you don’t know from where to start, contact us and we will guide you.

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