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In this academy you will discover everything you need to know to embark your crypto journey. Starting from the basics of cryptocurrency to professional trading and technical studies, you will uncover the top courses founded and perceived by our experts.


What We Can Do For You

Here you will find our all the knowledge you need, in additional of the best international courses our team gather for you. Here is your best place to learn crypto in Lebanon and beyond.

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Crypto Basics

Here you will learn the basics of crypto, its history, the blockchain technology, what is cryptocurrencies, and everything else

trading and analysis

Ever wanted to read charts? Here you will learn how to trade like a professional, from futures to margin, you will become a pro.

metaverse & nfts

You’ve probably heard of NFTs. Here you will learn what are non fungible tokens, what is the metaverse and much more

decentralized finance

DeFi is the future. Here you will get introduced to this new world and you will learn untold information

Mining & blockhain development

You like to code or enjoy tech? here you can get started in blockchain development and mining

Crypto Basics

crypto for beginners

Do you feel like the world of crypto is too complicated and requires a significant investment of time in order to understand it? We gathered all the knowledge you need to get started with crypto in this beginners course.


trade on binance

In this course you are going to learn what is more details about cryptocurrencies and how you can trade them on Binance exchange. You will also learn advanced information that will motivate you to continue your crypto journey.


Crypto basics full package

All the courses above bundled in one package. By choosing this package, you will get a free consultation about the basics of Crypto.



Trading and Analysis

Futures trading

Learn how to create successful trading plans and strategies to take advantage of the futures markets whilst minimising risk.


Technical Analysis

This course is designed for any trader who is looking to enhance their trading journey. Learn how to read charts like a pro.


Bollinger Band Trading

Bollinger Band trading system that can help you quickly level up your trading and make 80% of your trades more profitable.


Fibonacci Trading

Course is designed to provide you highly profitable system and ‘copy & paste’ guidelines for trading with Fibonacci levels.


Trading and analysis full package

All the courses above bundled in one package. By choosing this package, you will get a free consultation about trading and analysis.



Decentralized Finance

token trading

Did you always want to trade thousands of altcoins easily without withdrawal limit and minimum purchase limit? Start trading tokens or memecoins with this course.


passive income with defi

Start making money with staking, token airdrops, yield farming and much more in this DeFi course.


Metaverse & NFTs

Introduction to nfts

In just a few hours, this NFT course will teach you everything you need to know about the NFT universe (Non-Fungible Token Space). This course will benefit everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned NFT designer.


create, buy and sell your nfts

 This course is excellent if you’re a designer and want to start selling your digital arts. No theory only practical Knowledge, from creating the art on the software, to generating the collection and uploading to the marketplace. 


The metaverse: everything you need to know

What is the Metaverse exactly? What are the technologies behind it? What are the potentials? How could we invest in it? This course will give you the answers to all these questions.


Metaverse & NFTs full package

All the courses above bundled in one package. By choosing this package, you will get a free consultation about the Metaverse and NFTs.


Blockchain Development

Introduction to blockchain development

Master Solidity and Smart Contracts, Blockchain Development, Programming & Ethereum, DApplications.


solana development

Ready to master Solana blockchain development? Learn the capabilities and applications of the Solana blockchain.


coin development

This course will teach you how to create your very own crypto token and the essentials to succeed with your token site.


binance development

 Learn about Binance Smart chain and Binance Dex . Also learn about various defi and developer applications of Binance framework.


advanced blockchain development

Standalone topics like Uniswap V3, Ethereum Staking 2.0, Trading bots, Polygon blockchain, Smart Contract Security, etc.


nft development

Create NFT collections with pre-reveal/reveal, deploy token/cryptocurrency & DAOs, with NO coding experience needed!


Blockchain Development full package

All the courses above bundled in one package. 



Crypto mining business

This course will help you get started with your mining journey, everything you need to get started with mining, building the mining rig, working on the OS, adding additional GPUs, upgrading your setup and more.


Frequently Asked


how can i purchase/enroll in a course?

As of now, we don’t have an automatic payment for the purchase of any course. You have to contact us using this from: Click here and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more details.



do i need tutoring?

We advise you get tutored if you are brand new to the crypto world and you think you would need extra help to understand it. Our tutoring starts at $20 per hour and is usually done via Zoom calls. We do offer live tutoring too, contact us for more info.


what are the payment methods available?

Obviously our first payment method is cryptocurrencies, but we do accept payments of cash dollars locally in Lebanon or via agents like Wish Money and Western Union.


What will i receive with each course?

You will receive recorded videos for each course. Each course has several chapters and sections. These videos will provide you with all in the info you need. If you require more guidance, you can contact us for tutoring. 


will the academy help me get started?

The Academy is here to provide you with every information you need to get started. We gathered the top courses and our tutors are the best in Lebanon and beyond. If you think you’re lost and you don’t know from where to start, contact us and we will guide you.

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