Premium Channel

In this channel, you will benefit from 3 to 7 premium signals shared per day mixed between short, mid- and long-term basis. You will also have access to exclusive benefits, like crypto workshops, free educational content and support.


How to Sign Up?

Step 1

In order to join our exclusive signal channel, we require a fee of 40 USDT per month.

Your subscription will then be tracked and registered in our database, we will notify you when you will need to renew it. 

Below you can find our USDT TRC20 QR code address to scan and send the payment, or copy paste the address below the QR code.


*Make sure you select the TRC20 Network*

Step 2

Once you send the payment, fill the form on the right with all the details required. We will then instantly contact you with an invite link to join the premium channel.

How to confirm payment with us:

1 – Transaction ID. If you don’t know how to get the transaction ID, follow this tutorial from Binance. Click here.

2 – Screenshot. You can send us a screenshot confirming your payment. Upload the screenshot on Google Drive or Imgur and paste the link in the “Message” box.

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